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​At Freeheelin' Adventures we have modified our practices taking precautions to limit the potential viral spread of Covid-19. On our trips we follow provincial physical distancing guidelines dictated by Alberta Health Services and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, which may continue to change. At present we have moved back to Level 1 protocols, all participants and guides need to comply with these requirements along with provincial travel recommendations; despite all precautions participants may still contract an illness.



New Best Practices:


  • We now require guests to sign a declaration of health and exposure attesting to:

    • Good health.

    • Not having been exposed to anyone who is sick.

    • Following provincial travel recommendations (i.e. not having been outside Canada within 14 days prior to the trip), along with filling out a medical form and waiver. 

  • Guests are required to follow physical distancing protocols, come with their own mask, hand sanitizer and eye protection such as sunglasses in the event protocols can not be followed. 

  • Generally we endeavour to keep two meters apart and not engage in physical contact or pass items to one another unless residents of the same household.

  • We recommend guests carefully vet their places of accommodation for their viral mitigation procedures.

  • Clients will be responsible for their own transportation and food requirements.

  • To ensure the health of our guides they complete a daily fit for work screening questionnaire.

  • Our participant size limit has shrunk to eight for day hikes and six for backpacking.

  • We have updated protocols for first aid and added extra Personal Protective Equipment to our first aid kits for emergency response.

  • Gear is sanitized after use and/or isolated for a minimum of three days.


As we continue to adjust to the requirements to limit the spread of Covid-19 know that all our efforts are worth keeping each other and our loved ones healthy. We're looking forward to having you on the trails with us, whether it be while hiking, snowshoeing or skiing!

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